Spinning Fiber & Handspun Yarn

Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free

We LOVE our customers and we invite you to share photos of your finished products with us so we can show them off in our gallery and on our facebook page!

Looking for something specific? Send us a message! We have a large supply of fiber that isn't  listed, and if we don't have what you need, chances are that we can get it for you. We are happy to do custom dyed colors as well as special yarn requests.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping by!


Blue Barn Fiber

Blue Barn Fiber Spinning Fiber & Handspun Yarns


We are a small Indie shop dedicated to providing you with cruelty-free fiber and roving for

felting, spinning, and other arts and crafts.

We search the country looking for beautiful fiber from small farmers. We then buy the fiber raw, wash it, pick

through it by hand, and offer it to our customers. We often know the names of the animals that our fiber comes

from, and we are happy to know that our business helps pay for the food & care for them.

In addition to farm-fresh fiber, we also offer commercial combed top and roving, including a huge

assortment of wools, silk, yak, synthetics, cellulose fiber, and more! We also offer commercial spun undyed

yarn for you indie dyers out there, as well as hand spun yarn that I make myself. 

                          We pride ourselves on finding unusual types of fiber, such as Stainless Steel fiber, Glow in the

                           Dark Fiber, Possom Fiber, and even Rose Fiber, and we are excited about sharing them with you!

"Blue", from Granny's Alpacas

"Butter Icing", from

Hawks Mtn Ranch

Image used with permission