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Stainless Steel Fiber

Stainless Steel Fiber
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This listing is for 1oz (28g) of 6um 100% Stainless Steel Fiber (grade 316L)

100% stainless steel sliver. This fiber is made of real stainless steel metal, but it is incredibly soft and is meant to be spun into yarn or used in your felting projects to create a wonderful conductive fiber. It is also fantastic for jewelry making! It will not rust.

If you are not a spinner but are still interested in this fantastic fiber for your project, talk to me! I am happy to spin this into thread for you or hook you up with a needle felting kit which contains this fiber + a needle + foam and instructions of how to needle felt with it. Anyone can enjoy this fiber, regardless of your spinning expertise!

I added a variation in the listing which will allow you to select the option to have this spun into yarn. I am happy to spin this in any thickness you would like, but I recommend either fingering weight to worsted for most projects. I can also blend this with the fiber of your choice and spin it into yarn for you. Contact me if you'd like this option!
Please note that orders which involve this fiber being spun into yarn will take an extra couple of days to send out. I spin as fast as my little feet can pedal, but the lace weight yarn takes FOREVER for me to spin as I'm more of a chunky yarn type of gal.
Orders of sliver/roving will be shipped out right away.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Fiber:

-- Anti-Static
-- Conductive - Touch screens work with gloves on!
-- Gives Memory to yarn
-- Adds strength without compromising softness
-- Has a faint silver shimmer when blended with other fibers
-- Provides a high level of electromagnetic shielding.
-- Can be used in e-textiles for some really fun effects!

After testing several samples of this fiber, we feel that the 6.5 micron stainless steel is the best fit for spinners. It's not too thin, is easy to draft, and is next-to-skin soft and not scratchy when spun up. This fiber is not protein based, it is pure metal. Because of how thin it is, the fiber is extremely fragile in its raw state and while spinning it into yarn. Spin with very low twist and slow uptake to prevent breaks in the yarn. Once you ply it, you will be happy with how strong it gets. The more times you ply it, the stronger it will get!

Use it alone or blend it with your fiber of choice. A little of this fiber goes a long way and it adds a faint silver shimmer to your yarn when blended with other fibers. It also adds just a hint of memory to your yarn to help it hold its shape. Barely noticeable, but certainly a wonderful perk!
You can add a hint of this to angora or alpaca fiber, for example, and create a yarn that will have memory whereas without the stainless steel it would not.

One of the more popular uses for this fibers is its conductive qualities, which interact with touchscreens just like bare skin does (smart phones are examples of this type of touchscreen, which can only interact with conductive materials such as skin or metal). Needle felt a little bit of this fiber onto your existing gloves (or make new ones with a blend of stainless steel in them) and you will no longer need to remove your gloves to use your smart phone in the dead of winter.

While exotic and unusual, metal fiber is becoming more and more popular among the fiber community as well as the tech-savvy community. You can use it in e-textiles to create an endless amount of experiments in a world where electronics and textiles collide!

Websites with some e-textile tutorials:

This fiber is composed of grade 316L stainless steel, a medical and food-preparation grade metal and will NOT rust.
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