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Mach III Spinolution Spinning Wheel

Part Number WHEEL1
Mach III Spinolution Spinning Wheel
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The Mach III is the world's best art yarn wheel. It is smooth, quiet and ergonomic for pain-free production studio spinning. With five comprehensive ratios and three upgrade sizes to choose from - you can spin any weight of yarn from lace to bulky. Since I first dipped my toes into the fiber world, this has been my ultimate dream wheel.

Please note that coupons, rewards, and sales do not apply to our SpinOlution spinning wheels since we do not manufacture them ourselves.

You can use the dropdown menu to select the package that's best for you, with its corresponding price.


Spin Fine to Bulky
Open Hook Orifice
Magnetic Bobbins
Easy Uptake Tension Knob
Easy Drive Band Change
Quiet Operation
Ergonomic Design
Stationary Floor Grips
Heavy Duty Construction
Warp Resistant Wood
Made in the USA
Toe Brakes
Modular Design
Compatible with Firefly Base

Weight: 25 lb, Height: 32 in, Width: 24 in, Depth: 12 in, Wheel Size: 20 in
Speeds: 5, Ratios: 1:3.5, 1:5, 1:7, 1:11

The 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz setup are interchangeable between the MACH III Base and the Firefly Base. Design your own wheel by choosing your base and setup size, or swap setups between the bases for multiple wheel options.

The Mach III 8oz flyer has 5 whorls in the back, but only 4 of those whorls are designed for this wheel. The 5th whorl is actually designed for the firefly due to the interchangeable nature of these wheels.

MACH III heads manufactured after 2014 are compatible with the Firefly base. Older MACH III model heads do not fit the Firefly base.

Each wheel is made to order and is tested prior to shipping. Shipping times are 4-6 weeks on average and all wheels will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. Local customers are welcome to contact me to try out this wheel in person before purchasing. Contact us for a custom shipping quote if you are outside of the USA, as shipping is only free within the USA.

An online user guide can be found here: with all of the information you'll need to get started.
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