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About Us

Our passion for animals meets our love for the fiber arts.

Our Specialties

Locks for Doll-Makers and Tail-Spinners, Including Teeswater, Mohair, Lincoln, Cotswold, Gotland, & more!

Unique, Artistic Rolags: Hand-painted bundles of fiber for spinning woolen style

Exotic and unusual fiber, such as Glow in the Dark fiber, Stainless Steel, Camel, NZ Possom Fiber, Rose Pearl Fiber, & more!

Sustainable. Beautiful. Smart.

My name is Holly, and my husband's name is Dan.

Throughout my life, I have been passionate about three things: Animals, Art, and the Environment. I studied Environmental Science at the University of Idaho in an effort of finding eco-friendly solutions to our everyday needs, such as food, clothing, and energy, and I continue to seek out advice from working farmers regarding sustainability.

Throughout my journey, I learned new ways of thinking and raising animals, and I learned the importance of reusing and buying groceries and other goods locally whenever possible. I also learned how terrible factory farming is for the environment, and I vowed to change the way I live. My husband and I started to buy from natural foods markets more, as well as switching to a vegetarian diet, purchasing food from farmers markets, and conserving water and energy. And I started to spin my own yarn and make some of our own clothing and soaps.

This new-found passion led me and my husband on a new path -- a journey to one day create a self-sustaining farm that would not only help support us, but also support other farmers, artists, and animals in need. And thus Blue Barn Fiber was dreamed up.

We are still a long way from owning our own piece of paradise, but every day is one step closer to having our beautiful Blue Barn and a sanctuary for farm animals. For now, we continue to do our part by supplying the fiber world with beautiful, lovingly-grown fiber and discouraging harsh chemical dyes, opting for more natural solutions whenever possible. A great amount of our silks are recycled and reused, giving new life to products that would otherwise be thrown away. We invite you to join us on our journey, and add us to your facebook friends if you would like to chat with us!  We would love to get to know you.